English Setter Association  Welfare 

For the Rescue, Rehoming & Welfare of English Setters in the UK 
Registered Charity Number 1192215

About ESAW

In 1987 when English Setters were extremely popular the English Setter Association founded a RESCUE that dealt with those unfortunate dogs that needed help. The ESA no longer is associated with that rescue and the committee felt that it is important for the benefit of our breed to have available experts to guide new owners and to advise those who feel out of their depth.

ESAW is will be overseen by up to 7 trustees three of which will always be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the English Setter Association. We can offer advice and help with welfare issues and essentially the 'RESCUE' of English Setters and their owners.
 It will primarily facilitate the safe rehoming of English Setters under the guidance of Fran Grimsdell who is the Co-ordinator of ESAW. Fran has many years of experience in this field and has a team of Area Reps who are all members of the ESA. Everyone associated with ESAW will have many years’ experience of owning English Setters.

This breed can be a challenge and we recognise the need for help, guidance, and possible rehoming. The purpose of this group is to make potential owners new to the breed aware we are willing and able to help with any problems they may encounter with all queries being totally confidential.  

We also welcome any fund raising for the future of ESAW, so we can finance potential rescues. ESAW is now a registered charity and any advice received will be breed specific from members with a wealth of knowledge. We are primarily concerned with the welfare and rescue of the show type and British bred working setters.


Golfing day raises funds for ESAW

Keen golfer Frank McCabe arranged a golfing competition for some friends recently and in the process raised £585.00 for ESAW. Special thanks must go to Frank and all who those who took part.

Pictured on right is Frank presenting the  cheque to ESAW Treasurer

Val Isherwood. 

ESAW Co-ordinator
Fran Grimsdell

I have been helping to rehome English Setters for 20 years and nothing gives me more pleasure than when the new owners are so pleased with their acquisition. So many keep in touch with me and I obviously reciprocate. If there are teething problems we have ironed them out together. I always prefer an adopter to phone me rather than email to put their names down for a possible dog as it is good to discuss their lifestyles and what other animals they have, and it is for me a far better way to get to know and understand what people require. I put all details on cards and match the dog to the owner, not how high they are on the list, as most people have definite priorities.

I have had English Setters since I was 9 years old, a very long time ago!!! My mother bred them initially and then when I married we bred and still do under the Tattersett affix. When I left school I became a Veterinary Nurse which has helped my knowledge in veterinary matters, although over the years I have become very interested in alternative therapies especially when they work.


Sadly, there might be a time due to ill health, bereavement, a change of circumstances when you may consider re-homing your English Setter. We recognise how difficult this decision is, which is why our Co-ordinator Fran can help discuss your circumstances and explore all options with advice, support, and reassurance. All information given is treated as confidential. We would ask that as much detail as possible is given about your dog which helps us in deciding about their future home. All our adopters are thoroughly vetted as great care is taken in finding the best possible home for your dog.


Re-homed dogs are matched as closely as possible to prospective adopters so please register as our lists are not held on a first come, first served basis. When you first make contact to adopt an English Setter with our Co-ordinator, Fran will spend time finding out about your home, lifestyle, other pets and to understand your requirements. For whatever reasons the English Setter was placed for adoption this will be a highly stressful time for the dog. Be prepared to give your dog reassurance and patience to settle into its new home and surroundings. We are always available to offer support and advice at any time.

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Mrs Fran Grimsdell

Mr Christopher Bird

Mrs Val Isherwood


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